How Does Osteoporosis Affect the Neck?

How Does Osteoporosis Affect the Neck?

Osteoporosis can be a somewhat tricky disease. It’s sometimes called the silent disease, because symptoms typically creep up well before you’re aware of any problem. Once it does cause obvious damage, neck issues often unfold. 

While osteoporosis is typically at an advanced stage when it makes itself known, treatment can still go far, both toward minimizing bone loss and reducing symptoms in your neck.

Our expert team at Houston Pain Specialists, led by board-certified pain management specialist Hui Kang, MD, evaluates neck pain to determine and treat the underlying cause, such as osteoporosis, so you can get back to more comfortable living.

Read on to learn more about osteoporosis, including how it can affect your neck.

Osteoporosis 101

Osteoporosis causes your bones to grow brittle and weak, to the extent that even a cough or mild fall can cause a fracture. While fractures from osteoporosis can affect most any bone, they most often affect the hip, spine, or wrist. And when your spine is involved, neck pain is common.

In addition to neck pain and fractures, signs of osteoporosis may include:

You might also find out about the disease after a dental X-ray that shows loss of bone in your jaw. Unfortunately, when a fracture leads to your diagnosis, osteoporosis is already pretty advanced.

Risk factors for osteoporosis

While most anyone can develop osteoporosis, you have a higher risk if you’re female, eat a restrictive diet, or have a family history of the disease. Being white or Asian and having a small body frame also make osteoporosis more likely. Certain medical conditions, such as anorexia and thyroid disease, may also contribute.

Treatment for osteoporosis neck pain

Osteoporosis treatment aims to strengthen your bones, reduce bone loss, and guard against fractures. At the same time, we help address any current pain in your neck and elsewhere. 

Typically based on your estimated risk of a fracture within the next 10 years, your treatment plan may include:

For bothersome neck pain from osteoporosis, we may recommend:

Particular exercises and stretches may also help.

To learn more about osteoporosis or to get the neck pain relief you need, contact our Houston, Texas, office today to schedule an appointment.

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