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It’s a terrible feeling to wake up with a stiff and painful neck, or to feel a shooting pain in your neck when you’re merely trying to turn your head. At Houston Pain Specialists, the team of experts can evaluate your neck pain to make sure it’s nothing serious, or treat any deeper causes of your neck pain. If you’re in the Houston area and you’re suffering from a stiff or painful neck, call Houston Pain Specialists or go online to book your appointment today.

Neck Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain or stiffness can occur by itself or as a symptom of something else. In any case, a stiff or painful neck makes it hard for you to move, hold your head in position, and stay focused. 

There are seemingly endless potential causes of neck pain, but some of the more common causes are:

  • Muscle strain (e.g. turning your head quickly, holding it in a weird position)
  • Disc degeneration
  • Injury
  • Meningitis
  • Arthritis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Meningitis
  • Heart attack

If your neck pain doesn’t go away, it might be a symptom of a more serious condition. If it does, it likely isn’t due to anything serious

When should I seek medical attention for neck pain?

If your neck pain persists for more than a week, you should call Houston Pain Specialists at your earliest convenience. Additionally, the presence of other symptoms alongside your neck pain could indicate a deeper medical need. 

You must seek medical attention if your neck pain is accompanied by:

  • A lump in your neck
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Weakness
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control

If you’re unsure whether you need to see a doctor, it may be beneficial to visit the clinic just in case. Even if it’s nothing serious, your physician can give you tips to relieve the pain or stiffness and get back to life as usual.

What are my treatment options for neck pain?

Houston Pain Specialists offers several treatment options for neck pain. Your provider will assess your pain and any other accompanying symptoms to decide the best course of action. To manage the pain, your treatment plan might include:

  • Exercise and stretching
  • Pain medications
  • Epidural injections
  • Muscle relaxants
  • A wearable collar

If your neck pain is associated with an infection, your provider may prescribe antibiotics. In very rare cases, surgery may be necessary to correct a structural irregularity.

Neck pain is common, but it isn’t always as simple as an innocent mistake in your sleeping position. To find out whether your neck pain is cause for concern, call Houston Pain Specialists or go online to book your appointment today.