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Long-term back pain might be limited to one spot, or it may radiate throughout your whole body. In any case, it often debilitates you to the point of keeping you from doing the things you love. At Houston Pain Specialists, the team offers epidural injections to allow you to live comfortably for months at a time if other treatments haven’t worked. To find out if an epidural is the next step for your pain management plan, call Houston Pain Specialists or book your appointment online today.

Epidural Q & A

What is an epidural?

An epidural is a type of pain-controlling injection that contains a combination of a numbing anesthetic and cortisone, a steroid. A provider injects the drug into the space around your spinal cord, called the epidural space. You’ll feel some immediate relief from the anesthetic, while the cortisone kicks in later in the week to decrease the inflammation and irritation causing your chronic pain.

Why do I need an epidural?

You might think of epidurals as a form of pain control during childbirth. While this is a common use for them, Houston Pain Specialists also recommends epidurals to treat other types of long-lasting pain.

Your doctor may recommend an epidural to help tame pain from:

  • A herniated disc
  • Pinched nerves
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Spine surgery
  • Bone spurs

Usually, an epidural is an option after other milder treatments have proven to be unsuccessful in relieving your pain. In some cases, multiple injections are required for optimal results.

Am I a good candidate for an epidural?

Your doctor will let you know if an epidural is an appropriate addition to your treatment plan. After reviewing your medical history and purpose for getting the treatment, they may decide that you’re a candidate if you:

  • Have chronic pain in your back
  • Aren’t allergic to anesthesia
  • Have no infections
  • Have your diabetes under control or don’t have it at all
  • Don’t have blood clotting issues
  • Have tried other treatments to control your pain with no success

If you’re not a candidate for an epidural injection, Houston Pain Specialists will help you find more suitable treatments, or you may be advised to wait until a better time. 

What can I expect after my epidural?

Immediately after your epidural, you might feel sore for a few days. Houston Pain Specialists recommends resting for the remainder of the day of your appointment. You can return to work and continue on with your usual activities the following day if you feel well.

You’ll start to feel relief from your long-term pain within 2-5 days of your epidural injection. The effects vary between patients. For some, an epidural doesn’t do much to stop their pain. Others experience significant improvement for up to a few months.

To find out if an epidural is an option for your pain management plan, call Houston Pain Specialists or book your appointment online today.